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 Breast Cancer And Breast Cancer Treatment 

Breast Cancer overview:

                        Cancer, Cancer Disease: Breast Cancer or cancer is known as a deadly disease, cancer or cancer is a large group of diseases, which is actually due to the division of cells and uncontrolled growth. For example, an abnormal lobe of bone tissue is called a bone tumor. Apart from this, there is cancer in soft tissue ie tissues.
                                               Cancer symptoms include boils such as boils, abnormal bleeding from any part of the body, unusual changes in the skin, loss of appetite, coughing, coughing in a cough, etc. Biopsies are used to detect cancer. In this, a small part of the cancer is removed and then it is tested. In this category, all types of information related to cancer such as cancer symptoms, types of cancer, causes of cancer, available cancer treatment, cancer symptoms, cancer type, cancer disease and cancer treatment available. You will find all kinds of information related to:

1 Breast Cancer Surgery

Treatment of breast cancer usually starts with determining the type of surgery. There are two options for extracting some amount of breast (mastectomy) or only the cancerous lump and healthy tissues surrounding it. After surgery, your doctor may recommend treatment for radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy or these therapies. Increasing additional therapy reduces the risk of recurrence or spread of cancer.

2 Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is usually done to prevent any cancerous cells that survive after mastectomy and to prevent cancer from occurring. Radiation therapy increases the risk of cancer again without 25 percent. High energy and targeted beams are used to eliminate cancer cells in radiation therapy. First radiation therapy was dangerous because it damaged lungs and heart, but gradually these threats have been reduced.

3 Breast Cancer Chemotherapy 

The need for chemotherapy depends on how much cancer has spread. In some cases, chemotherapy is recommended before surgery, so that large tumors can be contracted so that it can be easily removed from surgery. Chemotherapy is usually necessary when cancer is repetitive. A type of chemotherapy is also called hormonal chemotherapy, it is recommended when the pathology report detected cancer of estrogen-receptor positive. Hormonal chemotherapy often uses the Tamoxy-Fen (Nolvadex) drug. Tamoxifen prevents estrogen from excluding breast cancer cells, which are estrogen-receptor positive, which reduces the rate of cancer recurrence by 30 percent.

4 Breast Cancer Hormonal Therapy 

Medicines like aromatase inhibitors are other types of hormonal therapy. These drugs include Anastrazole (Arimidex), ExemeStane (Aromasin) and Letrozole (Primera). Apart from an ovary, stopping the formation of estrogen in all other tissues reduces the amount of estrogen in the body. These medicines are very beneficial in women with menopause because, after the menopause, the formation of estrogen in the ovary stops.

5 Breast Cancer Targeted Therapy

In standard chemotherapy, both healthy and unhealthy cells present in the patient's body are destroyed while blocking cancer is blocking only cancer cells and therefore the patient's healthy cells survive in this therapy. Cancer cells are different from healthy cells. These therapies have been designed in such a way that cancer cells can be detected separately and can be safely destroyed in such a way that healthy cells do not suffer any harm.
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